Author: Bauche, J.
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TUPAF032 Beam Transfer Line Design to the SPS Beam Dump Facility 751
  • Y. Dutheil, J. Bauche, M. Calviani, L.A. Dougherty, M.A. Fraser, B. Goddard, C. Heßler, J. Kurdej, E. Lopez Sola
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Studies for the SPS Beam Dump Facility (BDF) are ongoing within the scope of the Physics Beyond Collider project. The BDF is a proposed fixed target facility to be installed in the SPS North Area, to accommodate the SHiP experiment (Search for Hidden Particles), which is most notably aiming at studying hidden sector particles. This experiment requires a high intensity slowly extracted 400 GeV proton beam with 4·1013 protons per 1 s spill to achieve 4·1019 protons on target per year. The extraction and transport scheme will make use of the first 600 m of the existing North Area extraction line. In this paper, we will present the design of the additional 600 m of transfer line towards BDF branching off from the existing line and discuss the detailed design of the BDF beam line, its components and optics. We present the latest results on the study and design of a new laminated Lambertson splitter magnet to provide fast switch between the current North Area experiments and the BDF. The latest specification of a dipole dilution system used to reduce the local peak power of the beam on the target is also presented.  
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