Author: Benzing, C.
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TUPML051 Studies of Collision and Compression of Pulsed Plasmas Generated by Coaxial Accelerators 1653
  • T. Manegold, C. Benzing, M. Iberler, J. Jacoby, P. Mahmoodi Tavana, A. Müller-Münster, B. Podßus
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  This contribution is about our recent studies of collision and compression of plasma sheaths, generated by coaxial plasma accelerators. One application is the development of a pulsed ion source producing high ion currents, coming along with high electron densities. The experiment is built up of an energy storage with up to 1,35kJ with a 2% Hydrogen in Helium gas mixture as working gas. The small fraction of Hydrogen is necessary to use the linear Stark-broadening of the H-line to determine the electron density, which is in the range up to 1015cm-3. By the collision of two plasma sheaths in an angle of 180°, the electron density has been increased by a factor of 2.5 compared to the single plasma sheath. As an alternative, the compression of the plasma by funnel geometries has been studied. As has been found, the achieved electron densities are more than a magnitude higher, compared to the values of the plasma collision. Thus, the H-line is broadened too high to be used. Alternatively, the broadening of a copper line by the quadratic Stark-effect has been calibrated and used to determine those high electron densities of about 1018cm-3.  
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