Author: Blowers, J.N.
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WEPMK010 LCLS-II Cryomodules Production at Fermilab 2652
  • T.T. Arkan, J.N. Blowers, C.M. Ginsburg, C.J. Grimm, J.A. Kaluzny, A. Lunin, Y.O. Orlov, K.S. Premo, R.P. Stanek, G. Wu
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois, USA
  Funding: DOE
LCLS-II is a planned upgrade project for the linear coherent light source (LCLS) at SLAC. The LCLS-II linac will consist of thirty-five 1.3 GHz and two 3.9 GHz superconducting RF continuous wave (CW) cryomodules that Fermilab and Jefferson Lab are currently producing in collaboration with SLAC. The LCLS-II 1.3 GHz cryomodule design is based on the European XFEL pulsed-mode cryomodule design with modifications needed for CW operation. Two prototype cryomodules had been assembled and tested. After prototype cryomodule tests, both laboratories have increased cryomodule production rate to meet the challenging LCLS-II project installation schedule requirements of approximately one cryomodule per month per laboratory. Fermilab is at half point for the production, meaning that 6 cryomodules are fully assembled and tested. This paper presents Fermilab Cryomodule Assembly Facility (CAF) infrastructure for the LCLS-II cryomodules assembly, production experience at the half point emphasizing the challenges and mitigations.
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