Author: Borchard, P.
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WEPMF066 Fabrication of Split-Section X-band Structure Using Elastic Averaging 2521
  • P. Borchard, S.A. Appert, J.S. Hoh
    Dymenso LLC, San Francisco, USA
  Conventional accelerator structures are manufactured using axial stacks of cylindrical components which, when brazed together, form the accelerator cell structure. Splitting the accelerator structure into two sections along the beam axis allows for a significant reduction in part count and vacuum joint length. The resultant single and coplanar vacuum joint between the two split sections allows for joining techniques such as electron beam welding or brazing of the parts to form the accelerator vacuum envelope. High precision alignment of the two sections is achieved through an elastic averaging interface coupling where improved accuracy is derived from the averaging of errors over a large number of relatively compliant contacting members. The monoblock split sections allow for highly optimized cooling configurations with enhanced heat removal in high heat flux regions, reducing vacuum wall thermal stresses and enabling higher power operation. This paper describes the engineering and manufacturing of four generations of brazed and electron beam welded X-band accelerator structures at both 9.3 GHz and 11.4 GHz frequencies.  
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