Author: Bustamante, S.E.
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MOPMF044 New Coordination Tools to Prepare Programmed Stops in the LHC and its Injectors 200
  • S. Chemli, M. Bernardini, T.W. Birtwistle, A. Bolognesi, B. Brito Da Palma, S.E. Bustamante, J. Coupard, K. Foraz, E. Kleszcz, N. Kotsolakos, T. Krastev, P. A. Kulig, Y. Muttoni, B. Nicquevert, L. Pater, A. Patrascoiu, S. Petit, C. Rauser, A. Wardzinska
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The LHC and its Injectors are submitted to an overall lifecycle of three to four years of physics delivery to Experiments with a two-year long stop, also known as Long Shutdown (LS). The years of physics delivery are ended by a programmed stop for the immediate preventive and corrective maintenance, also known as (Extended)-Year-End Technical Stop - (E)YETS. This regular cycle is to be addressed in parallel with other projects: the upgrade projects to the accelerator complex of the LHC (High-Luminosity project) and to its Injectors (LHC Injectors Upgrade), and the "standard" consolidation tasks. This paper describes the way the programmed stops coordination group prepares the activities to take place during the stop with a set of new tools and processes that ease the communication between the stakeholders of the coordination.  
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