Author: Cade, B.G.
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THPMK094 Thermal Design of a 100 kW Electron to Gamma Converter at TRIUMF 4520
  • B.G. Cade, L. Egoriti, A. Gottberg
    TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada
  • D.R. Priessl
    UVIC, Victoria, Canada
  The electron target station (AETE) of the TRIUMF-ARIEL Facility will employ an electron "driver" beam to irradiate Isotope Separator On-Line (ISOL) targets for the production of radioactive isotopes via photofission. 30 MeV electrons will be converted to gamma spectrum Bremsstrahlung photons via an electron to gamma (e-y) converter located upstream of the ISOL target. The e-y concept uses a composite metal with two layers: One high-Z material to convert electrons to photons, and one low-Z material to provide structural support, thermal dissipation, and maximal transparency to the produced gamma photons. Several material combinations and bonding processes are currently being evaluated and tested using TRIUMF's E-LINAC. Water-cooling and thermal design are being optimized for 100 kW operation and have thus far been validated up to 10 kW driver beam power. The latest test results and future prospects are summarized.  
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