Author: Caspers, F.
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WEPMF089 Measurements of Electromagnetic Properties of Ferrites as a Function of Frequency and Temperature 2592
  • A. Chmielinska, M.J. Barnes, F. Caspers, B.K. Popovic, C. Vollinger
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Fast kicker magnets are used to inject beam into and extract beam out of the CERN accelerator rings. These kickers are often ferrite loaded transmission line type magnets with a rectangular shaped aperture through which the beam passes. The interaction of the beam with the resistive part of the longitudinal beam coupling impedance leads to power dissipation and heating of different elements in the accelerator ring. In particular, power deposition in the kicker magnets can be a limitation: if the temperature of the ferrite yoke exceeds the Curie temperature, the beam will not be properly deflected. In addition, the imaginary portion of the beam coupling impedance contributes to beam instabilities. A good knowledge of electromagnetic properties of materials up to GHz frequency range is essential for a correct impedance evaluation. This paper presents the results of transmission line measurements of complex initial permeability and permittivity for different ferrite types. We present an approach for deriving electromagnetic properties as a function of both frequency and temperature; this information is required for simulating ferrite behaviour under realistic operating conditions.  
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