Author: Chikhachev, A.S.
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TUPMK012 Acceleration of Charged Particles by Own Field in a Non-Stationary One-Dimensional Stream 1516
  • A.S. Chikhachev
    Allrussian Electrotechnical Institute, Moskow, Russia
  The behavior of a non-stationary stream of the charged particles interacting with own field is studied. For the description the integral of the movement received in works * ** - Meshchersky's integral is used. The additional integral of the movement - interfaced to Meshchersky's integral, necessary for completely self-agreed description of a stream of the particles interacting with own field is constructed. The system of the equations reducing a problem to the solution of system of the ordinary differential equations is removed. Private decisions for potential, density of particles and density of current are provided. Earlier the problem was studied in work ***.
* Mestschersky J. Astronomische Nachrichten, 1893, T.132, N3153, p. 9.
** Nestschersky ibid, 1902, T.159, N3807, p. 15.
*** Chikhachev A.S., Technical Phisics, 2014, vol 59, N 4, pp 487-493.
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