Author: Chirpaz-Cerbat, D.
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WEPMF004 The Saclay Test Stand for Conditioning the ESS RFQ Power Couplers at High RF Power 2375
  • N. Misiara, A.C. Chauveau, D. Chirpaz-Cerbat, P. Daniel-Thomas, M. Lacroix, L. Maurice
    CEA/IRFU, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • M. Desmons, A. Dubois, A. Gaget, L. Napoly, M. Oublaid, G. Perreu, O. Piquet, B. Pottin, Y. Sauce
    CEA/DRF/IRFU, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  The RF power coupler system for the RFQ of the ESS LINAC will feed 1.6 MW peak power through two coaxial loop couplers for a 352.21 MHz operation at the expected duty cycle. A specific test stand has been designed to condition the power couplers, and test the different auxiliary components in the nominal conditions of the RFQ. The power couplers were successfully assembled, installed and instrumented on the test cavity. This paper presents the general layout of the test stand, the installation and preparation of the power couplers for their conditioning at high RF power up to the ESS nominal conditions.  
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TUPAK015 The SARAF-LINAC Project 2018 Status 994
  • N. Pichoff, D. Chirpaz-Cerbat, R. Cubizolles, J. Dumas, R.D. Duperrier, G. Ferrand, B. Gastineau, P. Gastinel, F. Gougnaud, M. Jacquemet, C. Madec, Th. Plaisant, F. Senée, A. Sutra-Fourcade, D. Uriot
    IRFU, CEA, University Paris-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • D. Berkovits, J. Luner, A. Perry, E. Reinfeld, J. Rodnizki
    Soreq NRC, Yavne, Israel
  • M. Di Giacomo
    GANIL, Caen, France
  SNRC and CEA collaborate to the upgrade of the SARAF accelerator to 5 mA CW 40 MeV deuteron and proton beams (Phase 2). CEA is in charge of the design, construction and commissioning of the MEBT line and the superconducting linac (SARAF-LINAC Project). The prototypes of the 176 MHz NC rebuncher, SC cavities, RF coupler and SC Solenoid-Package are under construction and their test stands construction or adaptation is in progress at Saclay. Meanwhile, the cryomodules and the global system just passed their Critical Design Reviews. This paper presents the status of the SARAF-LINAC Project at April 2018.  
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