Author: Choi, B.K.
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THPML007 An Investigation of Electron Beam Divergence from a Single DFEA Emitter Tip 4662
  • H.L. Andrews, B.K. Choi, R.L. Fleming, D. Kim, J.W. Lewellen, K.E. Nichols, D.Y. Shchegolkov, E.I. Simakov
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
  Funding: We gratefully acknowledge the support of the U.S. Department of Energy through the LANL/LDRD Program for this work.
Diamond Field-Emitter Array (DFEA) cathodes are arrays of micron-scale diamond pyramids with nanometer-scale tips. DFEAs can produce high emission currents with small emittance and energy spread. At LANL, we have an ongoing program to test DFEA cathodes for the purpose of using them to generate high-current, low-emittance electron beams for dielectric laser accelerators. We have recently upgraded our cathode test chamber to use a mesh anode in place of a solid luminescent anode. In addition to allowing for downstream beam transport, this arrangement may eliminate earlier problems with reduced cathode performance due to ion back-bombardment. We are measuring divergence of the electron beam past the mesh in an effort to characterize the inherent beam divergence off the diamond tip and divergence contribution from the mesh. We will compare these observations with theoretical and modeled values.
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