Author: Chou, M.C.
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THPMK017 Experimental Study of Coherent THz Sources Driven by the NSRRC High Brightness Photo-injector 4332
  • M.C. Chou, K.T. Hsu, N.Y. Huang, J.-Y. Hwang, W.K. Lau, A.P. Lee, C.C. Liang, G.-H. Luo
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  Accelerator-based coherent THz radiation sources are being studied with the NSRRC high brightness photoinjector which has been installed in the Accelerator Test Area (ATA) recently. This injector is equipped with a laser-driven photocathode rf gun and a 5.2-m long S-band traveling-wave linac for beam acceleration. A few tens MeV, ultrashort bunches of ~100 fs bunch length can be produced from the injector by velocity bunching technique. Tunable narrow-band THz coherent undulator radiation (CUR) can be generated from a U100 planar undulator when it is driven by such beam. One the other hand, broadband THz coherent transition radiation (CTR) generated by passing this beam through a metallic foil is used for determination of bunch length by autocorrelation technique. The experimental setup and results are presented in this paper.  
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THPMK019 Generation of Tunable Femtosecond X-Rays from High-Period-Number Resonant Transition Radiation Emitters 4339
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  • P. Wang, K.C. Leou
    NTHU, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • M.C. Chou, J.-Y. Hwang, W.K. Lau, A.P. Lee
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • C.T. Lee
    ITRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  Funding: Work supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, ROC (Taiwan).
Femtosecond resonant transition radiation (RTR) in x-ray region can be generated from alternatively stacked multilayer structures when they are driven by relativistic ultrashort electron beams. These structures can be fabricated by coating layer pairs of high and low density materials. By increasing the number of these layer pairs, narrow-band x-ray can be generated. In this report, we present our efforts on the development of a 12 keV femtosecond narrow-band x-ray source by driving high-period-number RTR emitters with the NSRRC photoinjector linac system. Radiation wavelength is tunable by varying the incident angle of the beam. A few tens MeV, ultrashort beam has been available from the photoinjector system via velocity bunching in the rf linac. A 100-period (200 layers) Mo/Si multi-layer emitters with thin substrate have been fabricated. For a 100 pC drive beam, the expected photon yield from such emitter is about 4x104.
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