Author: Chuchurka, S.S.
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THPAK064 Theoretical Modeling of Electromagnetic Field from Electron Bunches in Periodic Wire Medium 3376
  • S.S. Chuchurka, A.I. Benediktovitch
    BSU, Minsk, Belarus, Belarus
  • S.N. Galyamin, V.V. Vorobev
    Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • A. Halavanau
    Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, USA
  Funding: Work supported by the Grant from Russian Foundation for Basic Research (No. 17-52-04107).
The interaction of relativistic electrons with periodic structures results in radiation by a number of mechanisms. In case of crystals one obtains parametric X-ray radiation, its frequency is determined by distance between crystallographic planes and direction of electron beam. If instead of crystal one considers a periodic structure of metallic wires with period of the order of mm, one can expect emission of THz radiation. In the present contribution we consider theoretical approaches for modeling of the distribution of electromagnetic field from electron bunches in lattice formed by metallic wires. The analytical description is possible for the case of wires with small radius, the range of validity is checked by numerical simulations. The intensity of radiation will be significantly increased if the electrons in the bunch could radiate coherently. Two possibilities will be discussed: the prebunching of the beam and the self-modulation of the beam due to interaction with radiated field.
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