Author: Datskov, V.I.
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WEPML030 First Tests of the Main Quadrupole and Corrector Magnets for the SIS100 Synchrotron of FAIR 2751
  • E.S. Fischer, A. Bleile, V.I. Datskov, V.M. Marusov, J.P. Meier, C. Omet, P.J. Spiller, K. Sugita
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  • P.G. Akishin, V.V. Borisov, H.G. Khodzhibagiyan, S.A. Kostromin, D.N. Nikiforov, M.M. Shandov, A.V. Shemchuk
    JINR, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
  The heavy ion synchrotron SIS100 is the main accelerator of the FAIR complex (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) in Darmstadt, Germany. Currently the construction site and facility are advancing fast. The series production of the main dipoles was already started in 2017. In parallel, the first two quadrupoles, a chromaticity sextupole and a steerer were built and tested in cooperation between GSI and JINR at the cryogenic test facility in Dubna. We present the operation performance of these two first of series quadrupole units (consisting both of a corrector magnet mechanically and hydraulically combined with a quadrupole). Besides the thermal stability of the fast ramped superconducting magnets special attention is directed to their magnetic field properties. The obtained results provide the basis for starting the series production of all SIS100 quadrupole and corrector magnets in 2018.  
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