Author: de la Morena, C.
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TUPAF012 Commissioning of the Lipac Medium Energy Beam Transport Line 683
  • I. Podadera, J. Castellanos, J.M. García, D. Gavela, A. Ibarra, D. Jiménez-Rey, A. Marqueta, L.M. Martinez Fresno, E. Molina Marinas, J. Mollá, P. Méndez, C. Oliver, D. Regidor, F. Toral, R. Varela, V. Villamayor, M. Weber, C. de la Morena
    CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain
  • P. Cara, A. Marqueta, I. Moya
    Fusion for Energy, Garching, Germany
  • T. Ebisawa, Y. Hirata, A. Ihara, Y. Ikeda, A. Kasugai, T. Kitano, K. Kondo, T. Narita, K. Sakamoto, T. Shinya, M. Sugimoto
    QST, Aomori, Japan
  • D. Gex, A. Jokinen
    F4E, Germany
  • J. Knaster
    IFMIF/EVEDA, Rokkasho, Japan
  • M. Mendez Macias
    7S, Peligros (Granada), Spain
  • O. Nomen
    IREC, Sant Adria del Besos, Spain
  • G. Pruneri
    Consorzio RFX, Associazione Euratom-ENEA sulla Fusione, Padova, Italy
  • F. Scantamburlo
    INFN/LNL, Legnaro (PD), Italy
  Funding: This work has been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under the Agreement as published in BOE, 16/01/2013, page 1988 and the project FIS2013-40860-R.
LIPAc* will be a 9 MeV, 125 mA CW deuteron accelerator which aims to validate the technology to be used as neutron source of the IFMIF facility. Those facilities are essential for future fusion reactors material research. A 175 MHz RFQ will increase the energy up to 5 MeV before a Superconducting RF (SRF) linac with eight 175 MHz Half Wave Resonators brings the particles up to the final energy of 9 MeV. Between both stages, a Medium Energy Beam Transport line (MEBT)** aims at transporting and matching the beam between the RFQ and the SRF linac. The transverse focusing of the beam is controlled by five quadrupole magnets with integrated steerers, grouped in one triplet and one doublet. Two buncher cavities handle the longitudinal dynamics. Two movable scraper systems are included to purify the beam optics coming out the RFQ and avoid losses in the SRF linac. In this contribution, checkout of the beamline and its ancillaries in Japan is reported. Tests carried out on the beamline prior to the MEBT beam commissioning are described, focusing in vacuum tests, magnets powering, buncher conditioning and scrapers movement.
* P. Cara et al., IPAC16, MOPOY057 , p.985, Busan, Korea (2016)
** I. Podadera et al., LINAC2016, TUPLR041, p.554, East Lansing, USA (2016).
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