Author: Deletoille, X.     [Delétoille, X.]
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THPMK092 SOLEIL Status Report 4516
  • L.S. Nadolski, G. Abeillé, Y.-M. Abiven, P. Alexandre, F. Bouvet, F. Briquez, P. Brunelle, A. Buteau, N. Béchu, M.-E. Couprie, X. Delétoille, T. Didier, J.M. Dubuisson, C. Herbeaux, N. Hubert, C.A. Kitegi, M. Labat, J.-F. Lamarre, P. Lebasque, A. Lestrade, A. Loulergue, P. Marchand, O. Marcouillé, F. Marteau, A. Nadji, R. Nagaoka, P. Prigent, F. Ribeiro, K.T. Tavakoli, M.-A. Tordeux, M. Valléau
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  SOLEIL is both a synchrotron light source and a research laboratory at the cutting edge of experimental techniques dedicated to matter analysis down to the atomic scale, as well as a service platform open to all scientific and industrial communities. This French 2.75 GeV third generation synchrotron light source provides today extremely stable photon beams to 29 beamlines (BLs) complementary to ESRF. We report facility performance, ongoing projects and recent major achievements. A significant work was performed in order to secure the operation of the two canted 5.5 mm in-vacuum cryogenic permanent magnet undulators (CPMUs). Major R&D areas will also be discussed, and progress towards a lattice baseline for making SOLEIL a diffraction limited storage ring.  
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