Author: Didenko, A.N.
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TUPAL042 On Possibility of Reflective Triode Uses for Thermonuclear Neutron Generation in Budker-Post Trap with Pulsed Magnetic Field 1100
  • V.I. Rashchikov, A.N. Didenko, A.A. Isaev, K.I. Kozlovskiy, V.L. Shatokhin, A.E. Shikanov, E.D. Vovchenko
    MEPhI, Moscow, Russia
  Scheme for thermonuclear neutron generation in compact Budker-Post trap with barrel-shaped pulsed magnetic field produced by two symmetrically located thin coils with diameter not exceed 0.05 m is proposed. During neutron generation in the trap simultaneously forms plasma which include hydrogen nuclides with density up to 1013 m-3 and two pulsed counter hydrogen nuclides flows accelerated in the diodes. Diodes consist of transparent anode with the form of sphere sector symmetrically covered by the same form grounded cathode. Diodes located symmetrically in front of each other, coaxially to magnetic trap. Computer simulation shows possibility to generate up to 1010 neutrons per pulse for deuterium-tritium compound in the diode system with transverse dimension ~0.1 m, amplitude and accelerating pulse duration 5.105 V and 100 nsec. The value of magnetic induction in the center of the trap should be approximately equal to 20 T.  
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