Author: Eom, I.
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Toward 10 fs Timing Stability of PAL-XFEL  
  • C.-K. Min, I. Eom, J. Hu, S.H. Jung, H.-S. Kang, S.H. Kim, H.-S. Lee, S.S. Park
    PAL, Pohang, Kyungbuk, Republic of Korea
  PAL-XFEL demonstrates 20 fs jitter in e-bunch arrival time at the end of undulators and its pump-probe system, which is extremely useful for maintaining high stability of machine and time-resolved experiments with high time resolution. Our low phase noise timing system and high stability high power RF system enable this low jitter. Our measurement shows 10 fs jitter of e-bunch arrival time at the injector and it increased ~20 fs due to e-bunch energy variation. The possibility of improving the final jitter is described based on the optimization of bunch compressors and longitudinal feedback.  
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