Author: Feschenko, A.
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WEPAK006 Bunch Shape Measurements at the GSI CW-Linac Prototype 2091
  • T. Sieber, W.A. Barth, P. Forck, V. Gettmann, M. Heilmann, H. Reeg, A. Reiter, S. Yaramyshev
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  • F.D. Dziuba, T. Kürzeder, M. Miski-Oglu
    HIM, Mainz, Germany
  • A. Feschenko, S.A. Gavrilov
    RAS/INR, Moscow, Russia
  The existing GSI accelerator will become the injector for FAIR. To preserve and enhance the current experimental program at UNILAC, a new Linac is under development, which shall run in parallel to the FAIR injector, providing cw-beams of ions at energies from 3.5 - 7.3 MeV/u. For this cw-Linac a superconducting prototype cavity has been developed and was first operated with beam in summer 2017. The resonator is a cross-bar H-structure (CH) of 0.7 m length, with a resonant frequency of 216.8 MHz. It has been installed behind the GSI High Charge State Injector (HLI), which provided 108 MHz bunches of 1.4 MeV/u Ar6+/9+/11+ ions at a duty cycle of 25 %. Due to the frequency jump and small longitudinal acceptance of the CH, proper matching of the HLI beam to the prototype was required. The bunch properties of the injected beam as well as the effect of different phase- and amplitude-settings of the cavity were measured in detail with a bunch shape monitor (BSM) fabricated at INR, Moscow, while the mean energy was analyzed by time of flight method. In this contribution, the bunch shape measurements are described and the capabilities of the used BSM measurement principle are discussed.  
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