Author: Frei, M.
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WEPMF053 XFEL Modulators with Pulse Cables 2487
  • H.-J. Eckoldt, S. Choroba, T. Grevsmühl, A. Hauberg, J. Havlicek, N. Heidbrook, K. Machau, N. Ngada
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  • M. Frei, S.G. Keens, T.H. Strittmatter
    Ampegon AG, Turgi, Switzerland
  • H. Leich
    DESY Zeuthen, Zeuthen, Germany
  The modulators of the European XFEL produce high voltage, at the 10kV level, having a power of up to 16.8 MW for 1.54 ms. The operation frequency of the super-conducting inac is 10 Hz. The series production of the 29 modulators started in 2012. The first modulator began operation in 2014 and the start of linac was beginning 2017. The R&D phase for the modulators started directly with the development of superconducting cavities. Besides the pulse generation, the modulator had to suppress the 10 Hz repetition rate in order not to disturb the grid. Another unique demand was the development of pulse cables. Since the power RF had to be generated in the tunnel, the klystrons were installed near the cavities. However, the modulators had to be installed outside of the tunnel for space, maintenance reasons and radiation concerns. This transmission of high power pulses via long cables is unique in the world and the suppression of EMI effects was mandatory. During the first year operation no EMI disturbances of other systems were detected and the modulator system works as expected.  
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