Author: Gesche, R.
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WEPML032 The FAIR-SIS100 Bunch Compressor RF Station 2759
  • H.G. König, R. Balß, P. Hülsmann, H. Klingbeil, P.J. Spiller
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  • R. Gesche, J.H. Scherer
    Aurion Anlagentechnik GmbH, Seligenstadt, Germany
  • A. Morato, C. Morri, G.T. Taddia
    OCEM, Valsamoggia, Italy
  In the frame of the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) 9 bunch compressor RF stations were ordered for the first stage of realization of the SIS100 synchrotron. For RF gymnastics referred to as bunch rotation, one RF station has to provide a sudden rise in gap voltage of up to 40 kVp within less than 30 µs. The system is designed for a maximum RF burst of 3 ms per second. The RF frequency will be pre-selectable between 310 kHz and 560 kHz at a harmonic number of h=2 with respect to the beam. Compressed bunches with a peak current > 150 A and a width < 50 ns are the goal. For this purpose, a 1.218 m long cavity was designed using iron-based magnetic alloy cores. Variable vacuum capacitors are attached for tuning. The cavity is driven by a cross-coupled push-pull tetrode amplifier. This scheme minimizes the influence of the tetrode's DC current at the working point to the cores. The energy for the pulsed system is stored in a relatively small capacitor bank which will be charged semi-continuously and a voltage-stabilizing device is added. Cavity and power amplifier were realized by AURION Anlagentechnik GmbH ' the power supply unit is designed and built by OCEM Power Electronics.  
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