Author: Gillespie, G.H.
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THPAF076 Using Graphic-Turtle with the Particle Beam Optics Laboratory (PBO Lab) 3158
  • G.H. Gillespie
    G.H. Gillespie Associates, Inc., Del Mar, California, USA
  A Particle Beam Optics Laboratory (PBO Lab) module has been developed for the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) version of the TURTLE program commonly known as Graphic-Turtle. The PSI-TURTLE version extends the original TURTLE program by including several unique beam optics capabilities, as well as by providing a self-contained graphics package. The unique optics modeling, together with the data visualization enhancements, make the PSI-TURTLE program ideal for certain types of beam simulations. The PBO Lab environment provides a single graphic user interface (GUI) that features an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use drag-and-drop beamline construction kit. Underlying the GUI is a sophisticated object model developed specifically for the accelerator community. PBO Lab provides a common interface for multiple charged particle optics codes. Modules have been developed for a number of popular beam optics programs that cover a range of accelerator types and applications. The PSI-TURTLE Module extends those capabilities. The module is described and its main capabilities and limitations are summarized.  
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