Author: Gold, S.H.
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THPML055 Scaled Studies on Radio Frequency Sources for Megawatt-Class Ionospheric Heaters 4763
  • B.L. Beaudoin, T.M. Antonsen, J.A. Karakkad, A.H. Narayan, G.S. Nusinovich, K.J. Ruisard
    UMD, College Park, Maryland, USA
  • R. Fischer
    Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Washington, USA
  • S.H. Gold, A. Ting
    NRL, Washington,, USA
  Funding: Funding for this project and travel is provided by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research under grant FA95501410019.
The ionosphere plays a prominent role in the performance of critical civilian and military communication systems. The key instrument in Ionospheric Modification (IM) research is a powerful, ground-based, High Frequency (HF) source of electromagnetic waves known as a heater. With a mobile heater, investigators would be able to conduct IM research at different latitudes without building a costly permanent installation. A new highly efficient Megawatt class of Radio Frequency sources is required to reduce the overall power demands on a fully deployable system. Such a source has been described previously*. Results of a scaled experiment, using the electron beam produced by a gridded gun to drive an external lumped element circuit for high efficiency radio frequency generation is presented. The IOT gun produces an electron beam bunched at the driving frequency that is then collected by an external circuit for impedance matching to the load. Results showed that effects such as the internal resistance of the inductor and deflection of beam electrons by the induced RF voltages on the beam collector are important considerations to be included in the design of a practical device.
* B.L. Beaudoin, G.S. Nusinovich, G. Milikh, A. Ting, S. Gold, J.A. Karakkad, A.H. Narayan, D.B. Matthew, D.K. Papadopoulos, T.M. Antonsen Jr., Journal of Elec. Waves and Appl.,31,17,pp.1786, 2017.
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