Author: Hae, T.
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MOPML035 Betatron Frequencies in Cotangential Trajectory Accelerator for Proton Beam Therapy 485
  • T. Aoki, F. Ebina, C. Hori, Y. Nakashima, T. Seki
    Hitachi Ltd., Ibaraki-ken, Japan
  • T. Hae
    Hitachi Ltd., Hitachi Research Laboratory, Ibaraki-ken, Japan
  It is important that downsizing of an accelerator for spreading proton beam therapy. The synchrotron is the solution of accelerator of proton beam therapy system which can vary energy of extracted beam in the range of from 70 MeV to 235 MeV with a merit of requiring no energy selection system. In order to downsize accelerator with above merit, we suggested smaller variable energy accelerator which have cotangential trajectories. This new type accelerator is expected to realize variability of beam energy with static main magnetic field. One of technological problems of this new type accelerator is stability of betatron oscillation. We plan to utilize week focusing field as main magnetic field, which is decreasing on the radial direction outward and uniform in longitudinal direction, of this new type accelerator. We found the main magnetic field which realizes stable betaron oscillations in the range of from 70 MeV to 235 MeV as the result of estimating the betaron oscillations in this main field by numerical calculation. We report new type accelerator concept and results of analysis of betatron oscillation in cotangential trajectories.  
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