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TUPAF067 Beam Physics Analysis of the ESS RFQ Non-Conformities rfq, alignment, emittance, ion-source 886
  • A. Ponton
    ESS, Lund, Sweden
  During the fabrication of an RFQ, deviation from the perfect geometry will occur during assembling, brazing and machining the different parts. These geometrical defects will also impact the theoretical inter-vane voltage, given by the beam dynamics, even if tuners can correct partially the effect of the manufacturing. The combination of geometrical and voltage errors will alter the electro-magnetic field in the axis region leading to a degradation of the beam quality. The study proposes to expand the method to treat the voltage errors presented in * , in which the deviation from the theoretical parameters is represented by a sum of periodic functions of z, to the machining errors and to include positioning and alignment errors. The results of the error study will be presented. Then, using the results of the fabrication control by metrology, we will analyze the impact of the real RFQ geometry on the beam transport and compare the results will the prediction from the error study.
* A. Ponton et al., "Voltage errors studies in the ESS RFQ", presented at the 7th Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC'16), Busan, Korea, May 2016, paper THPMB039.
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